Location Middle East

Destination: Bahrain

KLW is currently recruiting in Bahrain for one of their Big 4 clients, one of the leading Big 4 firms in the country. Bahrain offers a fantastic lifestyle, within a highly multicultural environment and the influx of professionals relocating to Bahrain from all over the world are adding to this diversity.
The country holds a huge Ex Pat community and offers fantastic weather and a lively social life. With tax-free living and, in some cases, accommodation/utility bills being paid for on your behalf, it may be hard to resist.

There is a huge variety of client sector work but there is a focus on financial services. You will be expected to lead and manage approx. six portfolios comprising of small and medium sized clients, respond to client queries, be alert to both commercial concerns and technical accuracy and refer upwards if necessary, perform complex fieldwork on assigned clients, assist with the setting of budgets and pricing, scheduling audits, selecting staff and assigning workloads, developing the audit strategy, identify issues for reporting in the management letter, and other communications with management, and drafts the final documents for review by director, senior manager and partner and lead and manage the audit team in the field.

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